Ease of use

If you are a speed demon on the keyboard, everything can be logged without touching the mouse. On the go with your mobile? Mouse Master? the tap form is there to make it easy. With preset items you can quickly tally up costs without breaking a sweat.

Speed of entry

@BizAccountants #RouterUpgrade Installed a new Asus router at your premises 1Qty $240

That is all i need enter to create a job with a client, project, description, quantity and cost. I actually didn't have to type that client name or project in full either as the first 2 letters filtered it out of the list and i just hit enter to confirm! 

One-click invoicing

It's no joke. We have a button that sends all your invoices. It does double check you're sure, then thats it. They're all sent. For real!

Connects to Xero

Xero makes reconciling your bank accounts easy. You can then use Xero to calculate your GST, do your payroll, file with IRD. We can automatically send the invoices through to Xero and even get Xero to email them out to your customers. All with one click.

Project tracking

With Loggitty projects you can set take control of how you record your time on certain jobs. Being able to set a deadline for your task and allocate the time you wish to spend on it Loggitty allows you to see exactly how you spent your time on any project you set.

Time Reporting

The reports page shows a list of the hours worked by your staff so you can get an accurate report of all of the Logged time inside of Loggitty. The Reports page gives you visibility to see up to date data from a daily, weekly, and monthly breakdown of the hours worked, the hours billed, and the expenses your staff have assigned.

Zero-click job logging

To save you time clicking all over the page Loggitty has been built with the functionality to let you log everything from your keyboard. No longer will you have to waste time waving the mouse around as with a few easy shortcuts you have the full Loggitty system directly at your fingertips.