In November 2018 Geoff Jackson and Rob Clarkson were both running I.T based companies in Queenstown, New Zealand. Geoff the owner of the popular Queenstown Tech, an I.T support company that had seen exponential growth over the last year. Rob was running web development business Ones and Zeros .

While their business's grew so too did the need for efficient and simple invoicing. They had noticed that simply billing their clients had become a tedious and unintuitive process that was costing them time, and more importantly, profit. The two of them looked at trying other systems to resolve this issue but none of them were satisfactory for the needs of the businesses they were running.

They finally decided that if they were going to resolve this issue they would have to make their own system to provide the time tracking, client management, and billing solution they needed. This is where Loggitty was born.

Loggitty was dreamed of as a platform for small businesses to be able to ensure fast and simple invoicing at any time. With the key focus being on one-click invoicing and an intergration with Xero. With this goal in mind they began building Loggitty. Working in their Queenstown office over the next six months they developed Loggitty into a streamlined system that saves its users time and productivity so they can focus on providing the best service without worrying about having to take an afternoon off working to ensure their invoicing is sent out.